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San Diego election news from KPBS

While I mostly post science news at Daily Kos, it is primarily a politics blog where elections are a major topic.  I never forget that, which is why I'm following elections around the country.  Doing so has the beneficial effect of adding variety to my science coverage, but that's not the main reason.  One of those elections is the special election for San Diego Mayor, which I wrote in KPBS on the San Diego mayoral primary that I'd be following until February.  On that note, here is the election news and other political news from KPBS I included in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Comet ISON at perihelion) plus a bonus video: San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria Update On City Business.

From water rate hikes to Barrio Logan to the mayors race, San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria joins us with his monthly update on the business of the city.
As you can hear, Interim Mayor Gloria is following up on San Diego prepared for dry 2014 and More from KPBS on water by discussing what to do with a reservoir and the progress of water rate hikes.  Water scarcity is indeed a big issue in California, one I'm glad I don't have to deal with anymore.  I'd rather watch it from afar.

Follow over the jump for more on the mayoral election and the probably referendum on Barrio Logan.

KPBS: When Will The San Diego Mayoral Runoff Be?
By Claire Trageser
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
While the San Diego mayoral primary has long been over, the city won't be able to schedule the runoff election between City Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer until mid-December, according to San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland.

Maland estimates the runoff will be in early February, but cautions that the official date will be set by the City Council and not until election results are certified.

The delayed scheduling of the runoff date comes because the San Diego County Registrar of Voters Michael Vu is still certifying the primary's results, which is a lengthy process, Maland said. She added that Vu also has to certify signatures for a referendum to put the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update before voters, so he is busy.
Given those constraints, the mayoral runoff likely would be either Tuesday, Feb. 4 or Tuesday, Feb. 11, Maland said.
I'll keep my readers updated on when the runoff will be held.

KPBS: Alvarez, Faulconer To Hold Six Debates In San Diego Mayor Runoff Election
By City News Service
Monday, November 25, 2013
Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer, who are vying to be San Diego's next mayor, will hold six debates before their runoff election next year, their campaigns announced Monday.

The two won the lion's share of votes in Nov. 19's special election. City officials are planning on holding the runoff election in February -- likely Feb. 11. The debates are to be held between Jan. 1 and the election day.

The campaigns asked prospective debate hosts to contact them by Dec. 13.
Two days later, the first debate was set.

KPBS: First San Diego Mayoral Forum To Be Held Tuesday In Rancho Bernardo
By City News Service
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
The first of six mayoral debates for the runoff campaign between San Diego City Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer will take place next week, organizers said Wednesday.

Residents will have an opportunity to meet with the candidates and ask them questions at the event hosted by the Rancho Bernardo Community Council and the Rancho de los Penasquitos Town Council.

The forum will be moderated by 10News reporter Allison Ash.
Rancho Bernardo?  I wonder if the high school's marching band will show up.  It's very good.  See for yourself with these videos from the Arcadia Band Festival, first at the parade in the afternoon....

From San Diego, CA
Rancho Bernardo High School Royal Regiment performing their musical selection entitled Bullets & Bayonets by John Philip Sousa at the 60th Annual Arcadia Festival of Bands Band Review on Saturday, November 16th 2013.
...then at the field show that night.

Rancho Bernardo High School
The Royal Regiment

Arcadia Invitational
Field Tournament

November 16, 2013

Performing: Prayer for Light
Thanks for indulging this former marching band judge.  I now return my readers to the scheduled election coverage I promised.

KPBS: Barrio Logan Referendum To Be Ruled On By Judge Next Week
By Sandhya Dirks
Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Barrio Logan’s new community plan was approved by the San Diego City Council in September after five years of community stakeholder meetings. But that wasn’t the end of the drama surrounding the first zoning plan for the largely low-income Latino neighborhood squeezed between Interstate 5 and the ports.

The community saw the plan as a win: a compromise with business interests that also protected residents from living next to industrial waste. But maritime industry leaders say the new zoning — which would require new ship supply businesses to get a permit before setting up shop — would end up killing jobs. So they started a signature-gathering campaign, trying to overturn the plan in a citywide vote.

But there was a problem: many people reported incidents that signature collectors were misinforming voters about the plan. That’s illegal, which is why the Environmental Health Coalition is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the referendum from ever reaching the ballot.
Normally, I'd be in favor of democracy in action, but not under such fraudulent conditions--not that such shenanigans prevented Matty Maroon's Maroun's bridge referendum from getting on the ballot here.  Good thing it was not popular and was voted down.

Yes, this is still a Detroit-based blog, even when observing other cities' politics from afar.

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