Friday, June 10, 2016

A tale of two endorsements

Hillary Clinton received two endorsements yesterday.  The first came from President Obama.

While this was released on Thursday, it apparently was recorded on Tuesday based on the President's tie.  That's the same day that I wrote that "this Sanders supporter is now ready for Hillary."*  Clinton just waited until Obama met with Bernie Sanders to release it.

The second came from Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Senator Elizabeth Warren offers her endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president of the United States, and talks with Rachel Maddow about the Democratic primary and her objections to Donald Trump.
Nice scoop, Rachel!  As for me, I'm not surprised.  Two years ago, I wrote this about Warren's ambitions.
I did not join in the calls for Elizabeth Warren to run.  I can understand why the conference attendees want Warren to contest the Democratic nomination, but she's not going to run so long as Hillary Clinton appears likely to.  At this stage in the game, the nomination is Clinton's to lose and the best that Warren could hope for is to audition to be Vice President.  That might not be a bad idea, but I suspect Warren thinks she can serve her state and her country more effectively in other ways.  If so, I agree.
Warren may still audition for Clinton's Vice President.  Vox thinks so, too, and suggests Clinton has few better choices.  I know I'd be happy with a Clinton-Warren ticket.

*I posted a similar sentiment ("I'm taking my Bernie magnet off my car tomorrow. I'm ready for Hillary") on my Facebook page and got 63 likes and other reactions, 54 comments, and a share, which is the most I've received for a Facebook post since I had my prostate removed for cancer.  Most of the people simply liked my statement, but those leaving comments attacked my action.  Most of those came from the left, but a few came from the right.  One of the other Bernie supporters even unfriended me! Apparently, many of Bernie's supporters aren't quite as ready to move on as I was.  They've downrated both of the videos I embedded and left lots of negative comments as well.  The same is true on Warren's Facebook page.  Sigh.  Good thing there are five more months until the election for them to get over it.

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