Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Detroiters celebrate summer at fireworks show

Four years ago, I predicted that the suburbs would pitch in to save the Detroit fireworks show.
Based on what I think motivates Americans to act and the presence of the Michigan State Police and Wayne County Sheriffs at the show, I'm sure that the fireworks and parade will continue. People want their entertainment, especially if it comes in the form of an annual civic ritual to celebrate the seasons, and messing with America's entertainment is the one guaranteed thing that will get Americans to act.
Sure enough, the show carried on.  WXYZ reported on this year's festivities in Fireworks light up the night over Detroit river.

The annual Detroit fireworks show was tonight.
Detroiters demanded their entertainment, and last night, they got it.  I used to deride this as an example of Americans' screwed up priorities.  After blogging about five shows, I'm now seeing it as people celebrating the return of another year in a reviving city.  May Detroit's current return from the ashes continue.

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