Friday, June 17, 2016

Drink to candidates for the fifth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

I concluded Silly candidates, real and fictional, for the fifth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News with the following warning.
I'm far from done with the presidential election.  Prepare to follow the advice of Bluto from "Animal House" and drink heavily at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President.

Appropriately enough for a Flashback Friday as well as the anniversary of my first entry on Trump's candidacy, I begin with Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates published August 2, 2015.  It ended the year as the tenth most read entry of the fifth year of this blog with 973 page views and 12 comments, which made it the most commented on entry posted during the fifth year of this blog.  It was not, however, the entry that got the most comments during the blogging year just past.  That honor goes to Science fiction speaks to our current anxieties, which had 46 of its 54 comments posted during last year because of a battle with a gaggle of spammers.  That is a story for another entry; time to return to drinks for Trump.

Like my other entries in this retrospective series, I'm being a good environmentalist and recycling what I've already written about how the entry earned its page views, beginning with this passage from Record page views for August 2015 and other monthly meta.
The second entry I shared at both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs as well as all the political groups on Facebook was "Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates" published August 2, 2015.  This was the most read of both the Trump entries and the drink entries last month, earning 317 page views, 346 according to the raw counter.  It was the third most read overall and either the second according to the default counter or the first according to the raw counter among all entries posted during August.  It earned another honor, being the most commented on entry with 10 comments.
Here's my comment on Where Candidates Fear to Tread at Kunstler's blog.
I agree with you that Trump is a clown who exposes the lack of seriousness among both the politicians and their constituents, although the latter are quite serious in their rage, if not in the policies they'd liked enacted to satisfy it.  That's why I decided to have some fun with Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates.  The viewers aren't going to get any serious responses to the issues you listed, so they may as well enjoy themselves getting blotto to the candidates.
I wrote less about the entry at Greer's blog and more about related ones.  Read my comment on "The Suicide of the American Left" for yourself and see.
"There’s Donald Trump, whose campaign is shaping up to be the loudest invocation of pure uninhibited f├╝hrerprinzip since, oh, 1933 or so..."

And whose candidacy has been the best thing for a media driven by page views and clicks so far this campaign season.  When my wife watched his announcement, she remarked that Trump looked and sounded like The Penguin running for Mayor.  Both of them are cartoons of what a working stiff thinks a rich person should be.  Then his campaign picked up steam and an article I wrote for about his coming in second in a Michigan poll has been the most read story for the past year.  Now that he's in first, the best thing to do about him is to play a drinking game for his campaign appearances and the debates.   Time to stock up on booze.
That wasn't the only time the entry made the top ten.  The Monthly meta for February 2016 also had a paragraph about it.
Two actions propelled "Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates" back into the top ten--tweeting the link before every Republican debate and sharing it at The Archdruid Report.  The latter happened when another reader asked what was in a Trump Sandwich.  I responded "I have no idea, but I can tell you six different recipes for Trump cocktails."  Those were enough to earn the entry 156 page views, making it the eighth most read entry of the month.
I also shared it at the political groups on Facebook before every Republican debate.  I expect, if there are debates between Clinton and Trump, I'll be sharing the link then, too.

Trump wasn't the only candidate I wrote a drink recipe for last year.  Follow over the jump for something brown and frothy.

The 20th most read entry of the past year was There's a Santorum cocktail, too, posted September 16, 2015.  It ended the blogging year with 462 page views.  Record comments and 500,000 page views for September 2015 and other meta explained how it got some of them.
Three drink recipe entries made September's top ten, beginning with There's a Santorum cocktail, too.  Posted September 16, 2015, this entry earned 158 page views according to the default counter placing it ninth overall and seventh among entries posted last month.  The raw counter shows 188 page views, which would have placed it eighth and sixth respectively.  I shared this entry at the political groups and at Kunstler's blog.
My comment on Fed Cred Dead.
In the meantime, we have a presidential election, which leads to an answer to our host's rhetorical question: Trump won't be able to fix the situation. In fact, the situation created him, so why would he?  As for what we can do, I still recommend we drink heavily to candidates who won't be president, namely a Flaming Volcano for Bobby Jindal and a brown frothy concoction for Rick Santorum.  Bottoms up, although one shouldn't extend the metaphor too far in the latter case.
Santorum is the only candidate I've said farewell to twice.  I'm going to take this opportunity to make the third time a charm so I never have to blog about him again.  Take it away, Stephen Colbert as Caesar Flickerman!

With primary season winding down, it's time once again to look back to some of the candidates who didn't survive.
I'm still not done with Trump.  He'll be one of the subjects of the next installment of this series.  Oh, joy.  Fortunately, it should be the last time this year.  I can hardly wait to see how many of next year's top posts feature him--NOT!

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  1. If anybody's gonna be needing your bartending recipes, it's gonna be Prince Rebus over at the RNC. Dear Lord, Trump has got to be driving that poor man straight to the scotch.

    1. I call him "Rinse Prepuce" and he's from Wisconsin, so I bet he's drinking Leinenkugels and Brandy Old Fashioneds, just like Scott Walker. The headache of trying to figure out how to pay for the convention without sponsors should drive him to drink all by itself!

  2. And of course the Donald Trump drinks would be in flames by now.

    1. They've been on fire since the beginning. Skyy may have been wrong about Trump getting the nomination (he was in good company about that, as Nate Silver thought Trump wouldn't, but Ann Coulter thought he would), buy he was right about Trump's hair being on fire.

  3. The different Santorum cocktails sound tasty, but I wouldn't be able to get past the obscene meaning of "Santorum" as I drank them.

    The green Donald Trump cocktail from your 2015 post has a lot of flavors in one place. I'm not sure I'd enjoy it, but I'd at least try it once.

    May his campaign go up in flames, just like the green drink.

    1. And it's the obscene meaning that inspires the look of the drink, so I understand why you wouldn't.

      That's a common criticism of Tipsy Bartender recipes. Most of them make great jokes and are very visual, but they're really too complex to make regularly.

      I second that emotion!