Friday, February 23, 2018

'The Shape of Water,' 'Wonder Woman,' 'Game of Thrones,' and 'The Handmaid's Tale' all winners at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

My busy week of blogging about the results of awards shows continues with the winners of the the Costume Designers Guild Awards.  Take it away (not really) The Hollywood Reporter.*

2018 Costume Designers Guild Award Winners: The Complete List | by The Hollywood Reporter.  As a precursor to the Academy Awards — less than two weeks away — Tuesday's Costume Designers Guild ...
Just to review, the speculative fiction film winners were "The Shape of Water" for Excellence in Period Film and "Wonder Woman" for Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film.  In addition, Guillermo Del Toro won the Distinguished Collaborator Award.

I thought "The Shape of Water" had a chance, as it was also nominated at the BAFTA Awards and Critics' Choice Awards, but I was not optimistic, as it was competing against "Phantom Thread," which won at both the BAFTA Awards and the Critics' Choice Award for Best Costume Design.  I'm now more optimistic about its chances for an Oscar in this category, even though I still think "The Phantom Tread" is the favorite.  While I was rooting for "Wonder Woman" along with "The Last Jedi," I thought "Beauty and the Beast" was the favorite.  I am glad to be wrong.  Unfortunately, "Wonder Woman" is not nominated in any category at the Oscars, so this win means nothing there.  I still think it is very likely to earn a nomination at the Saturn Awards for its costumes.

I didn't think "Get Out" would win for Excellence in Contemporary Film, favoring "I, Tonya."  I was right, "I, Tonya" won.  Unfortunately, it isn't nominated for an Academy Award for its costumes, either.  I highly doubt it will be nominated at the Saturn Awards in this category, but they might consider it an Action Film, so I won't be completely surprised, either.

On the television side, the speculative fiction winners are "Game of Thrones" for Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television and "The Handmaid's Tale" for Excellence in Contemporary Television.  I was rooting for "Once Upon a Time" but expected "Game of Thrones" to win.  I was also rooting for "The Handmaid's Tale" to win its category but was reluctant to deem it the favorite.  I shouldn't have been so cautious.

As for Excellence in Period Film, that went to "The Crown" as I expected.  I really didn't think "Stranger Things" had better costumes and I was right.

Finally, even though I was rooting for Katy Perry's “Chained to the Rhythm” to win Excellence in Short Form Design, that trophy went to P!NK's “Beautiful Trauma” instead.  Here is its video.**

Channing Tatum sure can dance!

That's a wrap for the Costume Designers Guild Awards.  Stay tuned for the nominees of the Makeup and Hair Stylists Guild Awards.

*This is an imposter account.  I should report it, but it's giving me videos the verified Hollywood Reporter account isn't, so I won't.  In the meantime, anyone want to venture a guess as to when the account and its videos will be taken down?

**I featured both videos along with Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" in Midweek Cafe and Lounge, Vol. 53 at Booman Tribune.


  1. Unfortunately, "Wonder Woman" is not nominated in any category at the Oscars

    Good grief, how stupid. There's something of a "WTF were they thinking" history of omissions at the Oscars, and this one will certainly join them.

    1. I agree. It's one of the two snubs of the year, the other being "Jane," the story of Jane Goodall, not being nominated for Best Documentary Feature.