Sunday, October 4, 2020

Silly squirrels for Wester 2020

Happy Wester! While my long-time readers probably know this already, Wester is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox, making it the mirror image of Easter. That's how I inherited the holiday, but one of my readers added something to it, its animal mascot the Wester Squirrel, which goes around and gathers goodies to hide instead of hiding goodies to pass out like the Easter Bunny. To celebrate today, which National Day Calendar mistakenly lists as World Smile Day (it's the first Friday in October, which was the 2nd, but National Day Calendar forgot to update it this year), I'm sharing Squirrels are Jerks Compilation 2018 - Funny Squirrel Videos from Animal Antics on YouTube.

This squirrels are jerks compilation for 2018 features some funny squirrel videos that will make you lol.

From squirrels stealing nuts to a squirrel stealing a GoPro camera, these are the most hilarious squirrel videos on the web.
I hope that brought a smile to your face. It did to mine!

It's time to recycle from the last Silly Squirrels for Happy Wester post and close with a Wester blessing. "May the Wester Squirrel not steal anything from you and hide it!" Once again, Happy Wester!


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