Saturday, October 31, 2020

Tipsy Bartender drinks for Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween! To cap off this week-long celebration of Samhain, I'm reviving an idea I haven't done in pure form since 2016, Halloween drinks from Tipsy Bartender. I begin with Halloween Hacks from 2018.

Those look like fun and evergreen party ideas, at least for when we can actually have parties again. Oh, 2020.

Skyy recycled three of the hacks, lab glassware, dry ice, and glow-in-the-dark quinine (pronounced to emphasize the i in the first syllable, not the u) in one short video the next year, Glow in the Dark Gin Tonic.

Perfect for Halloween! It glows in the dark, and it's foggy...The Glow in the Dark Gin & Tonic!
The last recipe celibrates tomorrow, Day of the Dead Watermelon Margarita from 2018.

I close today's post with the following meme.

Trick or treat!

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