Saturday, June 8, 2019

Happy World Oceans Day 2019

A happy World Oceans Day to my readers!  Despite the joyful salutation, this is a serious day.  To that end, I'm sharing Georgia Aquarium's Happy World Oceans Day!

It's World Oceans Day 2019 and our planet needs our help. Pollution, ocean warming, and unsustainable fishing are some big reasons why the health of our ocean - and the animals inside it - is at risk. By studying and caring for the animals at Georgia Aquarium and in the wild, we can change the course of history.
This video reinforces what I wrote last year; "Climate change, plastic pollution, and overfishing make a deadly trifecta of threats to all the world's oceans, not just the coral reefs.  Here's to hoping World Oceans Day makes people more aware of their impact on the oceans."

That written, awareness is necessary but not sufficient.  Action is needed and UNESCO's video for today, Women scientists for the preservation of our marine heritage (World Oceans Day 2019) shows some of the people working to understand the problems.

This World Oceans Day, UNESCO highlights the contribution of women scientists to a healthy ocean.
Thank you all and keep up the good work.  Not just the oceans, but the entire planet needs it!

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