Saturday, April 9, 2016

Drum corps for the Wyoming Democratic Caucuses

Today is yet another stop on the campaign trail, the Wyoming Democratic County Caucuses, where 14 delegates are at stake.  This is probably the smallest delegation from a state up for grabs, fewer than Alaska's 16, but every delegate counts.

As for who will win, there appear to have been no polls, but three of four reporters at the San Diego Union Tribune think Sanders will win.  I think they're probably right; Wyoming is Sanders' kind of state and caucuses are his best type of contest.  All four of them also think Clinton will win the nomination.  I think they're right about that, too.

Enough of today's politics.  As I wrote at the conclusion of Drum corps for the Wisconsin Primary:
Enjoy the marching music for a primary election.  Expect more on Saturday, when the Wyoming Democratic Caucus will be held.  Troopers!
I begin with the 2014 show, A People's House, a theme appropriate for today.

That's not all from this show.  I'm going to be a good environmentalist and recycle the second video from Presenting the colors for Flag Day, Troopers 2014 Closer - "America The Beautiful."

Follow over the jump for 2013 and 2011.*

No Troopers retrospective would be complete without both a sunburst and a color presentation.  2013's Magnificent 11 had both simultaneously.

Finally, here is the show from the preview image, 2011 Troopers with the "Infinity Chord."

Once again, enjoy the marching music while waiting for the results.  The next one of these should be for the New York Primary on April 19th, which should be a senior corps spectacular.

*I covered 2012's show in The Troopers: From Steampunk to Tradition.  I also included 1986 in A drum corps 4th of July.


  1. March was like this big huge rush of states and cross-country primaries, and now we're in April and it's all drip-drip-drip.

    The parties seemingly front-load the primaries as a weeding-out process, to give the front-runners clear room to win, and then when it turns out there's a race on (or the leading candidate is a total douchenozzle) the primary season bogs down into this painfully long wait.

    Neither situation is emotionally healthy for the body politic.

    1. "we're in April and it's all drip-drip-drip"

      "Drip, drip, drop, little April shower..."

      Sorry, time to give a serious response. I can see your point that structuring the process to make the decision early or having the decision drag out can be frustrating. Still, I think it's good that people in most states are having an opportunity to be involved in the decision. I grew up in California, and it was always annoying to have such a late primary that ended up not mattering. This year, it will matter. I'm glad for my friends and relatives in the Golden State that have the opportunity.

  2. I don't know why, but the patterns marching bands make fascinate me. Whoever choreographs these things must have a special skill set.

    1. They generally do. When I was marching, architects often moonlighted as drill writers. When I judged marching visuals, I got a lot of training in art and dance.