Saturday, July 20, 2013 article on Pam Byrnes

Former State Representative Pam Byrnes is running to unseat Tim Walberg from Congress.
Pam Byrnes declares her candidacy for Congress
Thursday morning, former Democratic Michigan representative Pam Byrnes of Lyndon Township announced that she was challenging Republican incumbent Tim Walberg for his seat in Congress.

"Thrilled to announce I launched my campaign for Congress in the 7th today," Byrnes said on Twitter.
“Washington is broken and Tim Walberg is part of the problem. He puts special interests and corporations ahead of middle-class Michigan families. I have a track record of working across the aisle to get things done and create opportunities to help middle-class families thrive.”
There's more at the link, including Byrnes' background and Walberg's response.

Personally, I'm pleased that Byrnes is running.  She was one of the possibilities I mentioned last November to challenge Walberg.
"For this district, I'm not sure of the exact politician that should be ran, but the archetype has to be a Dem based out of Jackson, if only because it gives them a fundraising base."

That's what Ruben Marquez is, and he lost the primary to Haskell. What about Jackson Mayor Martin Griffin?

Also, there are other places for a fundraising base, such as Monroe (although that's where Haskell's from), the Washtenaw County cities of Saline (Gretchen Driskell, anyone?) and Chelsea (the current Mayor looks like a Republican, but former State House Rep. Pam Byrnes lives nearby), Adrian (the Lenawee County Commissioner who represents the east side of the city, Karol "KZ" Bolton, is a Democrat), and Eaton County (State Representative Theresa Abed).

And you're right; this district is competitive. The Democrats just need the right candidate.
Here's to recruiting a better candidate in 2014.
Pam Byrnes is that "better candidate."

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