Tuesday, July 2, 2013

History repeats with gas prices rising before 4th of July

Last night, I celebrated gas prices being lower here than last July 1st.
[T]he corner station dropped their price for regular from $3.39 to $3.37 gallon.  The other stations down the block followed suit and that's where the price has remained since.
WXYZ just noticed the drop today, reporting the trend in Holiday gas prices.

Gas prices typically go up just before the holiday, but this year things are different.
I also thought that prices were as low as they were going to go.
[T]he $3.37 being charged locally is actually a good price, and I don't expect it to go much lower.  I'd break out Professor Farnsworth, except that calling a bottom isn't really good news.
I turns out that I was right.  When I came home this evening, the corner station had jacked its prices up 22 cents to $3.59.  That's exactly where the price was last year.
I haven't yet followed up to see if the price at the pump actually rose.
It did, having shot up 20 cents at the corner station to $3.59 when I checked on Tuesday morning.
I have no idea if the stations down the street have followed suit, or if the corner station is leading a charge into No Man's Land.  However, it's not alone, as WCPO reports Gas prices on the rise.

The cost of a barrel of oil is driving the hike.
In case you're wondering, the corner station is also a Speedway, which means that the price hike was an order from corporate and that the station is leading a charge.  I'll check tomorrow to see if my hypothesis is correct.

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