Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update on the Royal Oak dog census

The Dog census I described last month has been postponed.  WXYZ reports in Royal Oak dog ordinance takes effect today, census delayed.

It looks like the dog license registration effort has been a success.  How much of one?  C&G Newspapers stated that there were "only about 3,500 active dog licenses" issued in Royal Oak before the amnesty began last month.  This week, Royal Oak Patch followed up.
"For the month of June, we issued 2,079 dog licenses," City Clerk Melanie Halas said. The total number of dogs licensed in Royal Oak as of June 30 is 5,348.
The number of licenses issued looks familiar.
More than 2,700 dog owners without a valid license have purchased them as a result of the county's beefed-up census, and workers won't finish their work until mid-October.
Royal Oak managed to do almost that well just by offering an amnesty.  Let's see how much the extra week does, and then the census after that.

As for me, I paid for my dogs' licenses on Friday, saving $42 in the process.  I'm just waiting for the tags to come in the mail.


  1. wow, someone was "bit when she was a little kid" and she doesn't want it to happen again, huh? i'm sure glad royal oak is cracking down then, because we all know that LICENSED dogs never bite! just like licensed drivers never get in accidents ;)

    and this is exactly why people elect the wise leaders that they do... go, royal oak intellectuals :)

    1. LOL. Julie, reading comments like this reminds me why I enjoy your writing. I should read your blog more often, if for no other reason than to get you to comment here.