Friday, July 26, 2013

The Weather Channel on solar storms

It's time to connect two entries from March, both of which explored that month's theme of Risk.  The first observed that The Weather Channel exploits risk for viewers.  The second described the risks of space weather.  What would be the intersection between the two?  The Weather Channel reporting on the risks of space weather to draw viewers.  Two weeks ago, they did exactly that.  Here are the videos.

How Bad Could a Solar Storm Be?

Meteorologist Jen Carfagno talks to Brent Gordon with the Space Weather Prediction Center. They are responsible for warning us about solar storms that could cause massive power outages.
How Do You Forecast Space Weather?

Meteorologist Jen Carfagno speaks with Meghan Stockman, Forecaster with the Space Weather Prediction Center, to learn how space weather affects us here on earth.
Sometimes, the posts just write themselves.


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