Friday, July 26, 2013

A picture of hope and innocence from 40 years ago

A photo flashed across my Facebook page a few days ago.  It turns out that it was taken near Detroit in Mt. Clemens 40 years ago.  WXYZ has the story behind the picture and how it went viral in Old photograph comes back to life.

The Daily Mail quoted the photographer, Joseph Crachiola, who dug up the old picture of the grinning children and posted it on his Facebook account, hoping to bring something positive to the heated debate over race relations.
'For me, it still stands as one of my most meaningful pictures,’ he wrote in his post. ‘It makes me wonder... At what point do we begin to mistrust one another? When do we begin to judge one another based on gender or race? I have always wondered what happened to these children. I wonder if they are still friends.’
I'd much rather have this video as my comment on the Zimmerman trial than “The law is an ass with music by Leonard Cohen.”  I'll save that thought I left at Kunstler's blog for the next time the legal system disappoints me.