Sunday, July 7, 2013

Solar Impulse flying to New York City

I concluded Solar Impulse goes coast-to-coast but not finished yet with a promise to wish the plane and its pilot well.
The journey is not over, even though the plane has traveled from coast-to-coast.  Time to repeat my wish for a successful final leg of the flight.
The final leg has begun, as CNN reports in See inside the cockpit of the Solar Impulse.

Hear from the pilot of the Solar Impulse about his habits on board the first manned plane to fly 24 hours on sun power.
Denise Chow of LiveScience describes what the pilots will do after they land in Solar Plane Set to Complete Cross-Country Flight in NYC Sunday.
Several events are planned to celebrate Solar Impulse's historic cross-country journey, including a Google Hangout that will be conducted live during this weekend's flight. Erik Lindbergh, the grandson of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, is scheduled to participate in the online chat session, company officials said.

Next week, Borschberg and Piccard will participate in a NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony in Times Square and meet with UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon.
I wish all pioneers in solar energy were as celebrated as these two.

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