Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The long-awaited return of Twinkies

As I wrote in Twinkies return!
Americans have made good on their screwed up priorities and saved the Twinkie.
Americans who would rather save Twinkies than save the planet can buy their favorite snack food again.  ABC News has the story in Twinkies Return to Store Shelves With a Vengeance.

Walmart has exclusive preview of the return of an iconic American cake.
I should have guessed that Wal-Mart would get them first.  As for how the new owner has managed to extend Twinkies shelf life, WCPO has the answer in Twinkies to be frozen? Fans say no way.

John Matarese reports on a big change to Twinkies that has some fans quite upset.
With this report, I hope I can finally put this silly story to bed and move on to something that is actually important instead of merely symbolic.

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