Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot enough to fry an egg in Death Valley

Two weeks ago, I asked if it was hot enough to fry an egg in the desert?  For Phoenix, the answer was no.  For Death Valley, the answer ended up being yes, as Death Valley National Park demonstrated on their YouTube Channel in Frying an egg Death Valley style.

Death Valley is officially the hottest place on earth! Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid outdoor activity in extreme heat. And please don't try to fry eggs on the ground. It makes a mess and it doesn't work. (jac)
The glass cover did more than keep the moisture from evaporating.  It turned the skillet into a greenhouse, collecting light and not allowing the resulting heat to escape.  Still, it did show that one could cook an egg using ambient temperature and solar power alone.

Despite the warning not to cook eggs directly on the pavement, there were lots of copycats who ended up making a mess, exactly as the NPS employee warned would happen.  The Weather Channel had some fun with the situation in Frying An Egg In Death Valley!!

The Weather Channel host Matt Sampson shows us why frying an egg on the sidewalk is no laughing matter.
Very punny!

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