Thursday, July 25, 2013

WXYZ videos of Meijer opening

In Meijer opens in Detroit, I included a preview video of the grand opening along with selections of articles about the importance of the store, but no images of the actual opening.  WXYZ has remedied that situation with two videos.  First, here is the station's coverage of the ribbon cutting ceremony last night.

Note all the rest of the stores in the complex.  MLive's report noted that all of them combined will employ about as many people as Meijer by itself, which demonstrates how important Meijer is to the community.

As Julie Banovic noted, the ceremony was last night, but the store didn't actually open until this morning.  WXYZ covered that, too, as Nima Shaffe shows the first shoppers and interviews the manager.

At the beginning of last month, Detroit had no national or regional supermarkets serving the city.  Now, it has two.

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