Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gas prices ended up falling before 4th of July

In the previous installment of my ongoing chronicle about riding the gas price rollercoaster, I described local prices bouncing off a bottom.
When I came home this evening, the corner station had jacked its prices up 22 cents to $3.59.
I have no idea if the stations down the street have followed suit, or if the corner station is leading a charge into No Man's Land.
In case you're wondering, the corner station is also a Speedway, which means that the price hike was an order from corporate and that the station is leading a charge.  I'll check tomorrow to see if my hypothesis is correct.
It was.  Yesterday morning, the corner station was still selling gas for $3.59, but the three stations down the street were charging $3.48.  By yesterday evening, the corner station had dropped its price all the way to $3.38, only a penny above the $3.37 where it started the month and well below where they were July 4th of last year.  I'd post Professor Farnsworth, except that the price of oil is going back up at the same time gas stations are lowering their prices, as WCPO mentions in Fourth of July gas prices.

A look at what you can expect to see from gas stations this weekend.
I didn't check today if prices had risen in response.  When they do, I'll return with an update.

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