Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trees down and power out in Oakland County

In WNWO talks blackout, I wrote about the weather contributing to power outages.  I was referring to air conditioning in the heat wave being the culprit, not high winds, but the weather caused blackouts just the same.  WXYZ gave the initial report in last night's Storms leave trail of damage.

I saw a lot of this damage first hand last night as I drove home from an appointment.  A silver maple had fallen across Crooks, completely blocking this major mile road.  I had to drive a half mile out of my way.  Traffic signals were out at several intersections, including Woodward and 13 Mile, as well as the intersections near the three gas stations down the street.  Those stations also lost power, so they weren't displaying their prices.  I also drove through a flooded underpass and a couple of flooded intersections.  I felt lucky to come home to a house with electricity and no storm damage.

Follow over the jump for this morning's updates on the situation from WXYZ.

The Corvette in the previous report looks even worse in Metro Detroit Storm Damage.

I feel sorry for the owner--so much for his happy motoring!

Nima Shaffe describes more storm damage from that neighborhood and updates the power outages in Storm damage in metro Detroit.

If anything, the power outages look even worse today than last night.  I feel even more fortunate that my wife and I have electricity!

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