Sunday, July 14, 2013 article on Schauer fundraiser

Schauer caps eventful week with fundraiser in Ypsilanti
Democratic candiate for Governor Mark Schauer swung through Washtenaw County on Saturday to end a week that began with two political publications moving the Michigan gubenatorial contest from tossup/tilt Republican to pure tossup.  In between, he threw out the first pitch at Howell High School's alumni baseball game.

At the Saturday afternoon fundraiser hosted by Matt and Rene Greff of Ypsilanti, Schauer criticized Governor Rick Snyder for a failure of leadership.

"You know, I think we need to see a little more toughness out of an individual who campaigned as a Tough Nerd. Right now, we’re seeing an ineffective leader," Schauer told Michigan Radio.
Schauer's week began on Tuesday, when Stuart Rothenberg of Roll Call moved the Michigan Governor's contest from tossup/tilt Republican to pure tossup.  Rothenberg wrote that Schauer's candidacy was "rejuvenating Democratic hopes of defeating GOP Gov. Rick Snyder in Michigan next year."
More at the link in the headline, including Schauer describing what he'd to do get Medicaid expansion passed, John Dingell praising Schauer, and Schauer having fun at Howell High School.

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