Monday, July 29, 2013

Weiner lives down to his name

I concluded Spitzer and Weiner staging comebacks in New York with my wish for November.
I'm rooting for both of them to win the Democratic primary.  If nothing else, the two of them deserve to be in office together, just for the connection between the two.
Unfortunately for my desires (and those of my friend Egberto Willies over at Daily Kos), they look less and less likely to happen, at least regarding Weiner.  Here's a story from Reuters that I included in last night's Overnight News Digest: Fast Fill-in Edition on Daily Kos that describes part of what's going on.

New York mayoral hopeful Weiner loses top aide amid campaign tumult
By Eric M. Johnson
Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:01am EDT
(Reuters) - The campaign manager who helped to guide Anthony Weiner's bid for New York City mayor resigned over the weekend, a spokeswoman said on Sunday, as the Democratic former Congressman grapples with slumping poll numbers and fresh revelations of his sexually charged Internet activity.

Danny Kedem, 31, who joined Weiner's long-shot campaign in early spring, helped to manage day-to-day political operations before abruptly quitting, said spokeswoman Barbara Morgan. She declined to comment on the timing or give a reason for his departure.

Weiner, 48, once a liberal voice in the U.S. Congress, resigned in June 2011 after admitting he used Twitter and other social media to send lewd pictures of himself to women he met online.
Someone named Weiner shouldn't be playing into the worst part of his name by sending selfies of his penis to strange women, especially if he wants to be Mayor of New York.

Some people assert that Weiner can't help it, as he's a sex addict.  In a video I included in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (the cost of Arctic thawing) on Daily Kos,* Discovery News has bad news for that claim in Is Sex Addiction A Real Disorder?

Can sex addiction really be placed into the same category as drug and alcohol addiction? Laci Green explains this conundrum facing psychologists.
At the very least, sex addiction does not work like substance abuse.  The authors of the DSM-V apparently were right to leave that as a topic for future study.

*Of course I'm re-using my material.  I'm an environmentalist; I recycle.

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