Monday, July 29, 2013

Fracking town hall in west Michigan

Tar sands and petcoke aren't the only unconventional oil issues causing concern and activism here in Michigan.  Fracking is as well.  There will be a town hall tonight in Barry County on the topic.  WOOD-TV has the details in State rep. plans fracking town hall.

Hundreds have already taken to meetings across West Michigan to voice their concerns over fracking. Monday, they will have the chance to bring questions and concerns straight to industry experts.
Mike Callton doesn't sound too sure about the subject.  Maybe he should watch this CNN video, which I show to my students to explain fracking.

How is hydraulic fracturing different from drilling for oil? And why is it called 'fracking'? CNN explains it to you.
My students are always suitably shocked by the scene from "Gasland," even the ones who know what's coming.


  1. Don't you think that it is really necessary to teach this environmental issue to students if yes what could be the
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    1. As John Henry pointed out, you're a spammer. However, you asked a good question, so your comment stays. So, yes, I think it is "really necessary" to teach my environmental science and geology students about this technique. As for what's best, I'm working on it.

  2. Hey, cute, Henry Jordan is a spammer trying to spam his website by pretending to care about this issue. What a jerk.

    1. Exactly. However, he's just good enough at it that I'll let his spam stay.