Monday, October 5, 2015

Dish: Representative Conyers divorcing and a state representative in corruption scandal

I'm cashing in the rain check for some political gossip that I issued to begin Hurricane Joaquin as viewed from Michigan.  WXYZ provided two stories yesterday that fit the bill perfectly.  First, Monica Conyers files for divorce.

I must say that I'm surprised.  John Conyers, who became the longest serving U.S. Representative upon the retirement of John Dingell, comes off as a decent person.  According to Voteview, he's the most liberal member of the Michigan Congressional delegation, as well as one of the oldest.  That might be contributing to this situation.  Conyers almost didn't qualify for the ballot last year, as too many of his signatures were collected by paid petition circulators, which was illegal at the time (that provision of Michigan's election law was overturned in the process of getting Conyers back on the ballot).  That's a sign that Conyers has been losing control of his operation.  Along with other rumors about his age getting to him, it indicates that it might be time for Conyers to retire.  I'm sure that's contributing to his wife filing for divorce.  That she spent three years separated from him while serving time in prison for corruption didn't help, either.  Her criminal history is not helping her in the eyes of the public, either.  The comments on the video uniformly attack her over it.  She's not popular, unlike her husband.

Speaking of female Detroit politicians who have issues with corruption, WXYZ also posted Tinsley-Talabi's former chief of staff sentenced to its YouTube channel yesterday.

Alberta Tinsley-Talabi's former chief of staff has been sentenced in a corruption probe that his former boss has now been named in.
I've run into Tinsley-Talabi's name before, but I know very little about her.  I'll have to stay tuned to see if this scandal sucks her in, too.

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