Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin as viewed from Michigan

I told my readers to "come back for a dish of either gossip or food, I haven't decided which" at the end of A 'Grand Canyon' crosses the surface of Pluto's moon Charon.  Sorry to disappoint them, but I'm serving neither this morning.  Instead, take a rain check, literally, as I write about the weather, specifically Hurricane Joaquin as viewed from Michigan.

First, WOOD-TV takes a serious view of the storm in More rain, flooding forecast along soggy East Coast.

Unrelenting rain across the East Coast showed little sign of let-up early Saturday, with record-setting precipitation expected to prolong the soppy misery that has been eased only by news that Hurricane Joaquin is no longer a threat.
Good news! The hurricane won't make landfall!  It will still soak the east coast.

Of course, what's really important to a lot of people in Michigan is what effect the storm will have on today's Michigan-Maryland game.  WXYZ reports on that in Game time changed for U of M vs. Maryland.

Game time changed for U of M vs. Maryland due to hurricane threat.
Americans demand their entertainment. Therefore, the game, like the show, must go on.


  1. Dude. You are hearby ordered to cook a dish food in honor of Gov. Bob Ritchie whose statement this past Friday "Crime. Boy, I dunno" means Jeb? will never win the Republican nomination.

    1. At this rate, Marco Rubio looks like a better bet than ¡¿Jeb?! I'll do as you asked after I read up on Governor Ritchie's comment and put together drinks for Graham, Pataki, and the Democratic candidates. They're higher up on my to-do list.

    2. that's about as far I can get into the language. I flunked out of college German.

    3. I took three years of it in high school and was got the award for best first-year German student. Give me some practice, and it will come back.