Sunday, January 3, 2016

Musical balance in The Force

I know I promised "the resumption of the student sustainability video festival with an entertainment-related episode 47."  That's still happening at midnight Eastern Time, which is close enough to count as Entertainment Sunday, especially in the time zones west of Detroit.  First, I'm sharing two examples of Star Wars music in which both the light and dark sides appear.  First, Star Wars Medley (Violin Cover) - Taylor Davis.

If nothing else, Episode I has an iconic piece of music in "Duel of the Fates."

Next, Ramona HS Dynasty Band & Color Guard - Disney California Adventure - December 2015.

Ramona High School Dynasty Band & Color Guard performing their musical selection inside Disney California Adventure on Friday, December 18th 2015.
The music may be all light side, but the banner is flanked by light sabers with the colors of the Dark Side on the viewers' left and the Light Side on the viewers' right.

Enough silliness.  On to Episode 47 of student sustainability video festival!


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