Saturday, January 2, 2016

Theme for January 2015: Balance

There is no more NaBloPoMo except in November, but there is still a BlogHer Writing Lab complete with themes.  So what's January's theme from the email?
January's Writing Lab Theme: BALANCE!

Balance. Do you have it in your life, or do you find that you give certain aspects of your day more than their fair share of time?

If you're struggling to keep balance in your life, this month's BlogHer Writing Lab theme will help you think about how you can use the beginning of the year to change the way you're living life.

Maybe you need to get a better balance between your online and offline time, set some boundaries between work and home, or simply give yourself permission to have a few guilty pleasures along with all the have-to-dos.

Or maybe you just need to kickstart your blog again. You can take or leave the monthly theme, and jump into writing challenges and thought questions.

The point is to get you writing: on your blog, on social media, in a book... anywhere you want to set down words. So let's get started with the January Theme.
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The blog post is briefer than the email.
I don't have a great handle on my work/life balance. It skews in favour of work, and I often let it seep into my weekend and evenings. But this month, my plan is to get a better system going. Start it in January and keep it going through the year. Who is with me?

Whether you're having difficulty balancing your screen time, exercise time, or healthy eating time, there is safety in numbers and much to be gleaned from your fellow writers. We'll trade tips, commiserate, or simply write about the places where we feel we need to get realigned in life.
So join the January BlogHer Writing Lab, and let's get out lives in balance.
The prompts look interesting, but I have something else planned for the first two weeks as I pursue my own version of work-life balance.  It's something I would normally have done around the Winter Solstice if I hadn't been all Star Wars all the time then.  Time for some balance in The Force.


  1. so you're gonna have to balance out the mix-drinking articles with safe driving articles. Easy.

    1. I've already done something like that. After posting two St. Patrick's Day entries with drink recipes, I followed up with a post about the dangerous effects of heavy drinking on seniors. I think all the posting of drink recipes entries for your rules burned me out on them, which is why I posted marching band entries for Thanksgiving and New Years and a space-themed post for Christmas instead of more drink recipe entries.