Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Michigan Attorney General launches investigation into Flint water crisis

Last week, Congress announces it will hold hearings on the Flint water crisis and two MDEQ employees were suspended for their part in the scandal. The probes continue this week, as WXYZ reported yesterday that Michigan's Attorney General launches investigation into Flint water crisis.

WXYZ has more on the two men that Schuette appointed to lead the investigation in The former head of Detroit FBI among those investigating Flint water crisis.

Based on the credentials of these two, I'm encouraged that justice may actually be done after all. As for Schuette, I stand by what I wrote four years ago.
He's looking forward to replacing Governor Snyder when OneToughNerd retires, either in 2014 (early retirement or defeat) or in 2018 (term limitations), so he needs to be enough of a populist to maintain his electability. Here's to his ambitions making him actually serve the residents of Michigan, at least occasionally.
Yes, I'm being cynical. In this state, that's a survival trait.


  1. If anyone in charge of any investigation into Flint is a Republican or owes Snyder or the GOP any favors, we're about to witness another coverup.
    There are already too many facts pointing to how Snyder's office tried to cover up and ignore Flint, and how an entire state oversight department (DEQ) lied and stonewalled about what was happening.
    All because of Snyder's obsession to use his Emergency Manager program to override local (and Black) communities to wipe out city unions and privatize everything.
    This better be a quick investigation that 1) confirms what we already know about how Michigan's government failed under Snyder's leadership and 2) issues arrest warrants to every SOB from Snyder on down responsible for destroying one of their own cities.

    1. Schuette is a Republican, but he doesn't owe Snyder much in the way of favors. He's going to thread a narrow path. On the one hand, he's going to use this to make enough of a show that he'll help himself look "independent" for a general election. He might even harm Snyder as long as it also hurts the current Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley, helping himself in the primary. On the other hand, he doesn't want to hurt Snyder so badly that it makes him look disloyal to the GOP. He especially does not want to force Snyder from office. The last thing he wants is Calley as an incumbent Governor to run against in a primary. That will be quite a balancing act!