Saturday, January 2, 2016

Test Tube and DNews on burning trash for energy

I concluded last night's "Theme for January 2015: Balance" with a programming note.
I have something else planned for the first two weeks as I pursue my own version of work-life balance.  It's something I would normally have done around the Winter Solstice if I hadn't been all Star Wars all the time then.  Time for some balance in The Force.
What I would normally have done was post more of the videos from the talks students voted as their favorites, as I promised at the end of Trash to energy: Student sustainability video festival 46.   I'll get to that, but first I wish to revisit the idea with Test Tube News' Why Is Sweden Buying Trash From Other Countries?

Due to overpopulation, trash levels are rising, forcing nations to create new solutions. So what are countries doing with their waste?
That video does a good job of explaining my objections to this practice.  So does DNews' Why Don't We Burn Our Trash?

Sweden is able to recycle 99% of their trash, some of which they burn. Why isn't this practiced in the United States?
The drawbacks are why I was slightly disheartened when trash to energy became so popular that it was the most read post for September 2015 with 319 page views (420 according to the raw counter) thanks to first Infidel 753 and then Boat Bits linking to it.  Still, it works as a stopgap.

Stay tuned for Entertainment Sunday, which should include both an entry about the Golden Globes nominees and the resumption of the Student sustainability video festival with an entertainment-related episode 47.

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