Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trailer Tails: Student sustainability video festival 50

Moving from recycling to fuel efficiency, here are two videos from one of the other popular talks this summer, which was about trailer tails.  First, some facts from AeroTrailers: TrailerTail: Good for America.

ATDynamics, Inc. and its fleet customers have redefined the shape of the world's most fuel efficient tractor-trailers. ATDynamics trailer aerodynamics technology is reducing the fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions of leading North American trucking fleets by 12%. The company's TrailerTail® rear-drag aerodynamics technology alone will deliver over $20 billion in fuel savings to trucking companies and consumers over the next decade by streamlining the airflow at the back of 2 million long-haul semi-trailers pulled on US and international highways.

ATDynamics founders, employees, and investors are dedicated to delivering immediate environmental, economic and social benefits. Over the next five years, TrailerTail® technology is projected to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as the US electric vehicle industry.
Next, the physics involved from STEMCO - Aerodynamics 101.

Reduce drag, improve fuel efficiency and increase safety with TrailerTail® by STEMCO.
I'm fond of saying "the most fuel-efficient vehicle is a moving van."  Here's to making the moving vans more fuel-efficient, too.

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