Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Saturn Awards for Television

At the conclusion of Paul Wartenberg, Infidel753, and The Archdruid comment on me, I told my readers to "stay tuned for Entertainment Sunday. I have more awards shows to write about!"  Today's subject will be a show I first mentioned in 'The Walking Dead' at Comic-Con, the Emmys, and the Saturn Awards.  Since today is the season finale for "The Walking Dead," the most nominated series this year, I begin with the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards - Television Nominations.

Greetings fellow Genre Entertainment Enthusiast,

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The Saturn Awards (and Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror) was founded in 1972 by noted film historian Dr. Donald A. Reed to honor and recognize films often overlooked by mainstream awards. These are the Films and TV shows that we all know and love -- and its our mission to honor and acknowledge the many talents that entertain and enlighten us!
Yes, I will be paying the $40 so that I can vote for my favorite among all nominees.  After all, that was one of my New Year's resolutions.

Follow over the jump for my opinions of the nominees and which ones I currently intend to vote for.

From the Saturn Awards website, presented shows first, actors second.
Best Action / Thriller Television Series

Bates Motel
The Last Ship
The Librarians
Mr. Robot
Out of all these, I've written an entire post about "The Last Ship", which was one of the two most liked entries of the past blogging year, and mentioned "Fargo" several times.  That written, I'm not planning on voting for either of them.  My wife and I don't watch "Fargo"--besides, it would be the conventional choice.  We like "The Last Ship" (the show got even better the second season) and my wife thinks it's the best of the bunch, but not me.  I think that honor goes to "Blindspot."  It's the best pure action show of the lot that I watch.  The alternative might be "Mr. Roboto," which won at the Critics Choice Awards.  We also like "The Librarians," but that's a show I'd have nominated in the Fantasy category.  Speaking of which...
Best Fantasy Television Series

Game of Thrones
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
The Magicians
The Muppets
The Shannara Chronicles
My default choice would be "Game of Thrones."  After all, the same season being recognized here has already won 12 Emmy Awards.  The other easy choice would be "Outlander."  As for the best show of the bunch that I'm actually watching, that would be "The Magicians."  However, I would not have nominated a lot of the rest of the field.  "Outlander," yes, but where is "Once Upon A Time," "Sleepy Hollow," "The Librarians" (up in action, where I'd have put "Quantico," "The Blacklist," or "How to Get Away with Murder" instead), "The Leftovers," or even "Grimm?"  Still, none of those alternatives would likely change which show I'd vote for out of this field.

I'm not done questioning the nominations.
Best Horror Television Series

American Horror Story: Hotel
Ash vs. Evil Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
The Strain
Teen Wolf
The Walking Dead
"Teen Wolf" instead of "Penny Dreadful," really?  Not only do I have to join to vote on this year's nominees, I'll have to renew my membership to nominate for next year's awards and recruit more fans of underrecognized shows.  Otherwise, I'll be kicking myself again over not doing my part to have the nominees I'd like.  That written, I'd still vote "The Walking Dead" over "Penny Dreadful."
Best New Media Television Series

DreamWork's Dragons
The Man in the High Castle
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Three of these are in the running for my vote, "The Man in the High Castle," "Marvel's Jessica Jones," and "Sense8."  Right now, I'm leaning to "Sense8," but I could be swayed by watching more of the other series.
Best Presentation on Television

The Cannibal in the Jungle
Childhood's End
Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song
Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
The Wiz
"Sharknado 3" is on this list?  HAHAHAHAHA!  I suppose that's the point, though.  I'm certainly not voting fo it.  Instead, I'm voting for "Childhood's End" even though I expect "Doctor Who" will get it.  As for "The Wiz," it might get an Emmy.

Now for the big category, as far as I'm concerned.
Best Science Fiction Television Series

The 100
Doctor Who
The Expanse
Wayward Pines
The X-Files
I have no problems with any of these nominees, which means I have a serious decision to make when I vote.  The two that my wife and I found most gripping were "Wayward Pines," which I've written about, and "Colony," which I haven't until now.  I'm leaning toward "Colony," which is doing a good job of filling in for the now ended "Falling Skies" in the same way that "The Librarians" replaces "Warehouse 13."
Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash
Marvel's Agent Carter
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Based on last year's Hugo Awards nominees and Saturn Awards winners, I'd say the advantage goes to "The Flash."  That's not who I'm voting for.  Instead, that honor goes to "Gotham."  My wife and I are enjoying a superhero setting without any real superheros--yet.

Now for the performers.
Best Actor on a Television Series

Andrew Lincoln, (The Walking Dead)
Bruce Campbell, (Ash vs. Evil Dead)
Charlie Cox, (Daredevil)
David Duchovny, (The X-Files)
Grant Gustin, (The Flash)
Mads Mikkelsen, (Hannibal)
Matt Dillon, (Wayward Pines)
Sam Heughan, (Outlander)
My vote goes to Andrew Lincoln, although I wouldn't be upset at Matt Dillon winning.
Best Actress on a Television Series

Caitriona Balfe, (Outlander)
Gillian Anderson, (The X-Files)
Kim Dickens, (Fear The Walking Dead)
Krysten Ritter, (Marvel's Jessica Jones)
Melissa Benoist, (Supergirl)
Rachel Nichols, (Continuum)
Rebecca Romijn, (The Librarians)
Rebecca Romijn isn't even my favorite actress on "The Librarians."  That honor goes to Lindy Booth.  Instead, I'd have nominated Eva Green from "Penny Dreadful" and "Carrie Coons" from "The Leftovers to replace Romijin and one other actress, probably Rachel Nichols.  Now, who would I vote for?  I'm not sure yet, but the easy choice would be Caitriona Balfe, even if it's not my choice.  I'm tempted to vote for Gillian Anderson for sentimental reasons.  May I resist that temptation; "The X-Files" was a bit of a mess.
Best Guest Performance on a Television Series

Alex Kingston, (The Husbands of River Song)
John Carroll Lynch, (The Walking Dead)
Laura Benanti, (Supergirl)
Scott Glenn, (Daredevil)
Steven Brand, (Teen Wolf)
Victor Garber, (The Flash)
William Shatner, (Haven)
John Carroll Lynch's performance was inspiring, so he has my vote.
Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series

David Tennant, (Marvel's Jessica Jones)
Erik Knudsen, (Continuum)
Kit Harington, (Game of Thrones)
Lance Reddick, (Bosch)
Patrick Wilson, (Fargo)
Richard Armitage, (Hannibal)
Toby Jones, (Wayward Pines)
Vincent D'Onofrio, (Daredevil)
Kit Harington will probably win this category, although I'm partial to Toby Jones.
Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series

Calista Flockhart, (Supergirl)
Danai Gurira, (The Walking Dead)
Gillian Anderson, (Hannibal)
Lena Headey, (Game of Thrones)
Melissa Leo, (Wayward Pines)
Melissa McBride, (The Walking Dead)
Tovah Feldshuh, (The Walking Dead)
I might have nominated Helen McCrory from "Penny Dreadful" instead of Tovah Feldshuh, but I really don't have a problem with this field.  Out of all of them, I plan on voting for Melissa McBride.
Best Younger Actor on a Television Series

Brenock O'Connor, (Game of Thrones)
Chandler Riggs, (The Walking Dead)
Dylan Sprayberry, (Teen Wolf)
Frank Dillane, (Fear The Walking Dead)
Jodelle Ferland, (Dark Matter)
Maisie Williams, (Game of Thrones)
Max Charles, (The Strain)
Maisie Williams won last year, so I'd say she was favored along with Chandler Riggs, who won the year before.  I'll probably vote for Chandler Riggs.  As for who I think got snubbed, there were were good young performers on both "Extant" and "The Whispers."  Unfortunately, none of them will get a shot for these shows next year, as both were canceled.  Phooey.  My wife and I liked both series.

Despite my quibbles over the nominees, I have to say that this past year has been a very good one for speculative fiction and other genre entertainment.  That is even more true with the movies, which I'll write about next week.  Stay tuned.


  1. I have to admit I like Gotham, but for the life of me it's not all that coherent. the narrative meanders far worse than any other superhero series. If I had to vote for a better one, it'd have to go to Agent Carter.
    Gillian should win for Best Supporting for Hannibal, and let Ritter win for Jessica Jones. I'm surprised Maslany isn't nominated for Orphan Black. I don't see any Orphan Black at all. What happened?

    1. "Agent Carter"--figures, the one that's likely to be canceled. As for "Gotham," there are so many back stories to be explored.

      Ritter was one I was thinking of for Best Actress, but didn't write it down. Good choice. As for no "Orphan Black," that makes no sense. It was broadcast last year, so it was eligible, and it won the Hugo Award last year for "best short form media" AKA TV show. Thanks for pointing out that omission. It is coming back for a fourth season this year, so next year it could still be nominated.

  2. Best Action Thriller Series: The only one of these I watch is The Librarians, but I agree that they have it in the wrong genre. I really like Quantico and The Blacklist. Don't know which of the two I'd vote for, though.

    Best Fantasy Series: I only watch Game of Thrones (and I haven't seen the most recent season of that yet since I don't have HBO), but I LOVE that show. I've seen the first episode of Outlander (and LOVED LOVED LOVED the books), so I'm sure it would be tough if I were actually watching these.

    Best Sci Fiction Series: I really like Colony. I also really like The 100. Hmm. Not sure.

    Best Superhero Series: This is the ONLY category in which I watch all of the shows. Yikes. What a choice. I'd be inclined to vote for Agents of SHIELD.

    Best Actor: Again, problems with not actually watching most of these. I love Andrew Lincoln, though.

    Best Actress: Funny that you said that about Rebecca. I agree. I like Lindy Booth better, too! I really liked the actress from Outlander that one episode I watched. Even though I watch FTWD and Supergirl, I don't think I'd vote for either of them... sigh.

    Supporting Actor: Again... problems with not watching most of these. I really like Kit Harrington, though:)

    Supporting Actress: TWD is killing it in this category. They are all so good, but I agree with you that Carol, Queen of the Apocalypse, has had an AMAZING year. These last couple of episodes she just knocked it out of the park. Melissa McBride!!!

    Younger Actor: Once again, having not watched the most recent season of Game of Thrones...???? Chandler Riggs is always impressive. So, I'd feel confident voting for him.

    Guest Appearance: Again, didn't see most of these, but JCL on TWD was awesome. I was very sad when he died:(

    1. Hey, Robin! I was wondering if you'd ever show up here again! Glad to see that you did today!

      I'd vote for Quantico. I don't watch The Blacklist, but I probably should add it to my binge watching list for the summer. Same with Outlander.

      My wife and I watch The 100 also, but we haven't seen the most recent 6 episodes, which are sitting on our DVR. On the other hand, we paid to watch "Colony" on Amazon. That alone should tell us which one we like more.

      For some reason, I can't get excited by Marvel on TV, but love DC on TV. On the other hand, all the evidence is that Marvel is better in the movies than DC. I guess that's what happens when one has Disney for a parent company instead of Warner Brothers.

      See, I'm not alone in not liking the current crop of lead actresses and wanting other selections!

      I'm voting for Kit on fan reaction alone, as my wife found watching GoT too stressful after the first season. Then again, she had that same reaction after the first episode of The Leftovers. It took our daughter to change our minds.

      Yes, Melissa McBride has been killing it, in more ways than one. Here's to hoping she isn't the one killed in the season finale tonight. In the comics, it was Glenn. On the other hand, it's Daryl's actor on "The Talking Dead" tonight. I suspect it will be neither. Instead, Rosita will get it. Don't be sad. If that's the case, she'll show up on "Fear The Walking Dead." Someone from TWD will be on that show, and my guess is that it's either her or Eugene.

      Agreed on both Chandler Riggs and JCL. The latter may be a distant relative. I have Carroll ancestors, too.

      Also, I hope you enjoyed my obscure song choices. Speaking of which, what do you have planned for C?