Friday, April 1, 2016

STORY is the theme for April 2016

From BlogHer:
So what is the BlogHer Writing Lab theme this month?


Hamilton ends the play with an important question: "Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?" Is it you? If it isn't you, is there someone you trust shaping the narrative? Is your story fated to be lost to time? And what becomes of all those ideas floating around inside your brain?

The beauty of the Internet age is that everyone has the ability to get their story out there. You can write a blog, Tweet your world, or photograph the whole thing for Instagram. Doing so not only records the important moments in your life but tells the rest of the world who you are, what is important to you, and what you believe.

This month, we're talking stories over at the BlogHer Writing Lab. We're looking at who owns a story, how you write about other people who are characters in your story, and how you set some firm blogging boundaries.
So join the April BlogHer Writing Lab and tell your story.
The prompts for this month actually look interesting, especially the first two and a few others.  I might use them.  After all, I almost always observe April Fools Day on this blog, even if I sometimes observe it a day late.  Stay tuned to see what pranks I find on the web today.

Also, I like the idea of writing about what other bloggers have to say about me.  I can think of two who have been complimentary, Paul Wartenberg and Infidel 753, and one who has been not necessarily critical but not friendly either, John Michael Greer the Archdruid.  I've mentioned the first two writing about me before, including in two of the recent retrospectives, but I've never passed along what Greer thinks of me when he's not responding to me directly.  Time for that to change.

As for the rest, I have lots of my story, the story of Detroit and Michigan, and stories about and from speculative fiction media to pass along.  I expect it will be as fun for my readers aa it will be for me!

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