Friday, April 8, 2016

Monthly Meta for December 2015

It's Flashback Friday, so I'm going to count down the top posts of December 2015, something I neglected to do in January.  Better late than never.  Besides, I promised I'd resume the series and I have.

The blog earned 15,596 page views and 38 comments for 34 entries over 31 days that month.  That translates to 503.1 page views per day, 458.7 page views per entry, 1.23 comments per day, and 1.12 comments per entry.  It was the second best month for page views at the time and is now the third best behind October 2015 and January 2016.  It was also the best December so far.  For comparison, December 2014 had 13,251 page views and only 4 comments on its 41 entries, which translates to 427.5 page views per day and 323.2 page views per entry.  Year-over-year, readership per day improved 17.7% and per post 41.9%.  Wow!

I begin with the most liked and shared entries on social media.  First, the most shared and liked entry on Pinterest during December was "Three Star Wars trailers: movie, television, and video game" with 2 pins.  The most liked on was "Driving update for December: Dez" with 4 pluses on Google Plus. Those likes didn't help it much, as it only had 46 page views according to the raw counter.

The most commented on entry was "The smart money is moving from Rubio to Cruz but the endorsements aren't" with 8 comments.  It also had 81 page views.

Follow over the jump for the entries with the most page views.

First, an honorable mention.  Thanks to my sharing the link at both Kunstler's and Greer's blogs, "Katniss Everdeen dethrones James Bond at the U.S. box office," posted November 22, 2015, managed to get into the default top ten during December.  It earned 105 page views according to the default counter and 128 according to the raw counter before it dropped out.

The tenth most read entry posted during December was 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' blasts to new U.S. box office records from December 20, 2015, which climbed into the monthly default top ten with 138 page views, 154 according to the raw counter, before being pushed out on Christmas by "Farewell, Lindsey Graham!

The back catalog champion for December was "'Star Wars' alignment charts," posted in August 2015.  This entry popped up briefly in the default top ten at the start of December with 88 page views, enough to push out "'SPECTRE' knocks 'The Martian' out of number one at the U.S. box office" for a few hours.  I later shared it on the Star Wars and Science Fiction groups on Facebook in advance of "The Force Awakens" opening.  As a result, it returned to the top ten later in the month with 153 page views before it fell out on Boxing Day, then fought with "Darth Trump strikes back as The Farce awakens" for the rest of the week.  It ended up tied with that post for ninth at the end of December. In the long run, it won, as it ended the blogging year with 1119 raw page views, placing it eighth among all entries posted during the fifth year of this blog.

Darth Trump strikes back as The Farce awakens posted on December 19, 2015, rose to 153 page views (164 according to the raw counter), but fought with "'Star Wars' alignment charts" for tenth place the last week of the month.  Both ended up tied for ninth.  It earned its page views from Infidel 753 linking to it.

I'm continuing the countdown of December 2015's top entries for Flashback Friday.  The eighth most read entry for the last month of last year was "Americans are buying more guns in response to terror" posted December 8, 2015.  It earned 162 page views according to the default counter, most of which it earned from being shared at Kunstler's blog and the rest from being linked to by Infidel753.  The raw counter gave it 176 page views, which would have moved it up a place to seventh. I'm not ranking it there; there is a reason why I call it the "default" counter.
Sharing the link to "Fiat Chrysler uses the power of The Force to sell cars" from December 6, 2015, at both Greer's and Kunstler's blog earned it 162 page views, putting it in seventh place according to the default counter.  The raw counter ranked it even higher at sixth with 188 page views.

December 22, 2015 was the day to say "Farewell, Lindsey Graham!" That entry likely earned its 171 page views, 175 according to the raw counter, from my usual social media promotion.  That put it in sixth according to the default counter, but only eighth according to the raw counter.

December 14's "Darth Trump" ended December 2015 with 226 page views, 239 according to the raw counter.  That placed it fifth for the month.  It earned its readers by being shared at Kunstler's blog.  It was the second most commented on entry with 6 comments.

"Paris Climate Conference explained by Climate Reality, Grist, and Wochit" from December 5th was the least popular of the four entries I shared at the Coffee Party USA's Facebook page in December.  On the other hand, it was the most popular post that Infidel753 linked to that month.  Between the two, it earned 309 page views, 332 at the raw counter, to end the month in fourth.
The third most popular of the four entries I shared at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page in December was also the third most read of the month (notice a pattern here?)  "Obi-Wan Kenobi for President and Darth Vader beats Trump" from December 17th earned 968 page views, 981 according to the raw counter, by the end of December.  I also shared the link at Kunstler's blog.  By March 21, 2016, the post had 1048 page views by the raw counter to put in ninth among all entries posted during the fifth year of the blog.

The pattern continued with "Doctors to Congress: Fund gun violence research at the CDC and NIH" from December 3rd, which was the second most popular entry shared at the Coffee Party USA's Facebook page and the second most read for December.  It earned 1261 page views by the end of the month, 1274 according to the raw counter.  It ended the fifth year of the blog as sixth most read entry for that blogging year and ninth in the history of the blog with 1266 page views, 1309 from the raw counter.  It's now in 10th all time.

The most read entry for December 2015 was also the most read post shared at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, completing the pattern.  "Colbert explains the climate deal and says goodbye to oil" earned 1749 page views, 1763 according to the raw counter.  That also placed it fifth for all entries posted during the fifth year of the blog and seventh among all entries in the history of the blog so far with 1778 raw views.  Behold the power of the Coffee Party and its Facebook page!

Now that I've completed this entry, I can pick up the annual retrospective where I left off with Redistricting reform, the second most read post of blog year five.  I needed to write December 2015's summary first, for reasons that will become clear later.

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