Monday, April 11, 2016

Saturn Awards leftovers plus 'Batman vs. Superman' loses to 'The Boss'

I forgot one category from yesterday's 2016 Saturn Awards for Movies, part 1: Films, animated films.  Here they are from the Saturn Awards website, presented in the order given at the Wikipedia page.

Best Animated Film

    The Good Dinosaur
    Inside Out
    Kung Fu Panda 3
    When Marnie Was There

My vote is for "Inside Out," which won the Oscar.  Of course, it might not win with this electorate, as "Minions" won the People's Choice Award, which prompted the following reaction from me.
I'm surprised, as I expected "Inside Out" would win.  Well, maybe with the critics, actors, and animators voting, it will win the more prestigious awards later in the year.
It did.

Follow over the jump for the weekend box office news.

"Batman v.Superman" enjoyed only two weekends at number one.  Wochit Entertainment has the story in 'The Boss' Lays Off ‘Batman v Superman’.

LOS ANGELES ( - Melissa McCarthy’s star power lifted “The Boss” to an estimated $23.5 million opening weekend despite bad reviews and rough word-of-mouth for the R-rated comedy. If those projections hold, it will be enough to narrowly topple “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” from first place at the weekend box office. As it stands, the superhero match-up fell just short of retaining the top slot, earning $23.4 million and bringing its total after three weeks to $296.7 million.
That happened just in time for Tipsy Bartender to come up with a recipe for the movie: Batman v Superman.

It's time for some very very very strong Batman vs Superman Shots!
Yellow Layer:
Alizé Gold Passion

Black Layer:
Black Vodka
Black Absinthe

Blue Layer:
UV Blue
Blue Curacao

Red Layer:
Red Absinthe
At least he now has a Batman drink.

Stay tuned for an event filled week.  Tomorrow is Yuri's Night followed by Apophis Day.  I don't think I realized that I celebrate two space days one right after the other, the first about the promise of space and the second about its perils.  Now that I do, I'm appreciating the juxtaposition.  I'll have a retrospective post for Throwback Thursday.  Friday is Tax Day in the U.S.  Pearl will turn over another 1000 miles this week, which I plan on noting Saturday.  Finally, I'll complete the cycle with the Sunday Entertainment feature, which will be about movies.  Like I wrote, it will be a busy week.


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