Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly meta for February 2016

I haven't posted one of these since Best November ever and other monthly meta.  As I promised to resume doing so in Redistricting reform, the second most read post of blog year five, I'm going to follow through.

Last month was the best February in the history of the blog so far with 33 entries earning 12,256 page views and 36 comments.  Both exceeded February 2015, which had 10,731 page views and 13 comments for 32 entries.  Those stats translate into 422.62 page views per day, 371.39 page views per entry, 1.14 entries per day, 1.24 comments per day, and 1.09 comments per entry.  Even after accounting for the additional day (yay, leap year!), February 2016 had better stats than February 2015--383.25 page views per day, 335.34 page views per entry, 1.14 entries per day (that this stat didn't increase is a good thing; it means I didn't have to work any harder for my page views, one of my goals for the past two years), 0.57 comments per day, and 0.5 comments per entry.  Every single one of those statistics increased (or didn't increase in the case of posts per day) in the direction I wanted it to.

To celebrate these records, I'm sharing the most commented on, liked, shared, and viewed posts from and during February 2016.  I begin with "Super Bowl drinks from Tipsy Bartender" posted on February 7, 2016.  This entry tied for most commented on post for February with four comments.  It fell just outside of the top ten posted during the month with 106 page views according to the raw counter.

Next, "May Leonard Nimoy's memory live long and prosper" from February 28, 2015 was the most liked entry from this blog on Google Plus last month, earning 15 pluses on the last three days of the month when it was shared on the anniversary of Nimoy's death.  It has a total of 18 likes over its history.  It also earned 85 page views that month.

The most saved and liked entry on Pinterest during February was "Final 'Star Wars VII' trailer and reaction" posted on October 25, 2015.  Last month alone, 428 people saved the pin and 68 liked it for a total of 466 saves and 100 likes so far.

Follow over the jump for the most 15 most read entries during last month.

The tenth most read entry posted last month was "Drink to 'Deadpool's second week on top of the box office" from February 21, 2016.  It earned 107 page views according to the raw counter.  It also tied for most comments with four.  It earned its page views from my usual sharing on social media.

I promoted "$1 gas possible in Midwest" posted February 10, 2016 at both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs.  That was enough to earn it 110 page views according to the raw counter, placing it ninth among all entries from last month.

I started the month with "Marching Music for the Iowa Caucuses: Colts and Hawkeyes."  I promoted it on the drum corps groups on Facebook and the Sanders and Clinton communities on Google Plus.  The latter came through, giving the entry eight pluses to tie it for the second most liked entry on Google Plus last month and the most liked entry actually posted during February.  Also, it earned 116 page views on the raw counter, enough to place it eighth among all February's entries.

Thanks to Infidel753 for linking to "'Your Inner Fish' for Darwin Day."  With his message of "Crazy Eddie observes Darwin Day with some evolution videos," he was able to increase my page views to 132 according to the raw counter, enough to place it seventh among all entries posted during February.

Thanks again to Infidel753 for linking to "Four candidates bid farewell after Iowa," which helped earn it 114 page views, 143 according to the raw counter.  It was in tenth place until the very last hour, when it was kicked out by "First Courser and Gamrat, now Kelly and Mack."  It ended in 11th overall and sixth among entries posted during February.

"First Courser and Gamrat, now Kelly and Mack" kicks off the overall top ten for the month.  It earned 116 page views during the last week of the month, placing it tenth, because of web search related to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announcing indictments of Courser and Gamrat.  That reminds me; I need to follow up on the prosecution of these two.

Promotion at the science fiction groups and communities on Facebook and Google Plus put "Speculative fiction at the 2016 Razzie Awards" in ninth place overall and fifth among entries posted during February with 124 page views (The raw counter had it at 139 page views, which would place it sixth for last month's entries).  It also tied for most commented on entry with four comments (Thanks, Infidel753 and Paul W.!) and second most liked on Google Plus with eight pluses.

Two actions propelled "Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates" back into the top ten--tweeting the link before every Republican debate and sharing it at The Archdruid Report.  The latter happened when another reader asked what was in a Trump Sandwich.  I responded "I have no idea, but I can tell you six different recipes for Trump cocktails."  Those were enough to earn the entry 156 page views, making it the eighth most read entry of the month.

Thank Infidel753 one last time for linking "Trump is coming and he's building a wall" at his blog.  That helped earn it 162 page views according to both counters, enough to place it fourth among entries posted during February and seventh last month overall.  The entry maxed out at 218 page views (240 according to the raw counter) on March 25.

Web search brought my readers to "'Star Wars' alignment charts."  I helped it along by sharing it on social media for a Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday.  The result was another 165 page views during February for this entry originally posted on August 16, 2015.

Web search also revived "Corn questions from 'Food, Inc.' worksheet."  It was in the top ten last month with 139 page views, but got even more this month with 171, enough to place it fifth overall during February and ninth all time with 1395 page views since October 18, 2014.  It helped that I also shared it on a Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday and that I printed it out for my students.  Nothing like blogging as professional development!

I graced the comments sections of both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs with "Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!"  Doing so earned it 180 page views, 206 according to the raw counter, placing it fourth overall last month and third among entries posted during February.  It also tied for the most commented on entry from last month with four comments.

Sharing the link at both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs also helped "Please clap for Jeb Bush as he leaves the island" earn its readers.  It garnered 197 page views, 201 according to the raw counter, placing it second among entries posted during February and third overall.

The final entry that earned its page views from being shared at both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs was "Jim Gilmore gone after losing to Vermin Supreme."  The readers there ate it up, sending 467 page views (468 according to the raw counter) its way.  It earned the best new post award and also placed second overall for February.

The number one entry during February and the winner of the Revenge of the Back Catalog trophy goes to "Michigan Attorney General launches investigation into Flint water crisis" posted January 26, 2016.  Sharing it at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page earned it 759 page views during February and 819 overall according to the raw counter.  Behold the power of the Coffee Party!

As for my goals for this month, I had only one.  It was to average at least 426 page views per day for a total of 13,206 for the month.  I derived that number by dividing last March's 13,194 by 31 and rounding up the daily average.  I met my goal for the month exactly 24 hours before the end of the reporting period, which ended right as this post went up.  Success!

On that note, farewell to March and welcome to April!

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