Monday, July 4, 2016

A drum corps 4th of July from the Troopers

Last night, I told my readers "I'm not done with the holiday.  Stay tuned for another drum corps 4th of July!"  Since I'm an environmentalist, I'm going to recycle videos from two years ago as well as this April mixed in with new material.

I begin with the 1986 Troopers performing their trademark sunburst to Aaron Copland's "The Red Pony."

That's not all from 1986.  Here's the chorale version of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as a pseudo color presentation.

The corps opened its 1986 production with "American Salute," based on the Civil War era song, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." "Silverado" caught the dynamic flavor of settling the Old West, complete with a hoedown. The reverence of "Prayer of Thanksgiving" was followed by the Americana exuberance of Copland's "The Red Pony" and the corps' trademark "Sunburst" drill maneuver.

What pushed this show over the edge into patriotic splendor was the slow tempo "Battle Hymn of the Republic," with eight red, white and blue banners unfurled as if the rays of the sun rising over a new day of honor. With the entire corps surrounded by red, white and blue flags, this show couldn't have been more patriotic had the corps spelled out "AMERICA" across the field.
What could be more patriotic and more Troopers than this show from 30 years ago?  Follow over the jump to find out!

But first, here's a favorite of mine that I first used in Presenting the colors for Flag Day, Troopers 2014 Closer - "America The Beautiful."

Finally, no Troopers retrospective would be complete without both a sunburst and a color presentation.  2013's Magnificent 11 had both simultaneously.

Happy Fourth of July!  Enjoy your Independence Day celebration while I march in a parade.

I'll be sure to report on it later this month.  Stay tuned!


  1. It's the 4th! Unleash the birthday cake for EVERYONE!

    1. The candidate I volunteered for today yelled out "Happy birthday, America!" Cake for all would be appropriate. I also have Drinks for 4th of July from Tipsy Bartender for everyone, too!