Friday, July 1, 2016 article on Clinton leading Trump by 17% in Michigan

Hillary Clinton, seen here campaigning in New Jersey, has a seventeen percent lead over Donald Trump in Michigan according to the latest poll.
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Poll shows Clinton leading Trump by seventeen points in Michigan
A poll of Michigan and six other battleground states released Wednesday, June 29, shows presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in Michigan and six other states.  The poll, commissioned by Ballotpedia and conducted by Evolving Strategies, showed Clinton leading Trump in a two-way race by seventeen points in the Great Lakes State, the largest margin in the seven states surveyed.

Evolving Strategies also asked about voters' preferences in a three-way contest including Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.  Clinton maintained her seventeen-point lead over Trump in Michigan and also had a thirty-seven point lead over Johnson.
In a two-way contest, the poll reported fifty percent of those surveyed in Michigan supported Clinton, while thirty-three percent favored Trump with sixteen percent preferring neither of them and one percent refusing to answer.  In a three-way race, Clinton's support dropped to forty-seven percent and Trump's to thirty percent, while Johnson earned fourteen percent.  Eight percent favored none of the three while two percent refused to answer.
Silver included the poll in his presidential election forecast.  As a result, he found that Clinton has an eighty percent chance of winning the election and a nearly ninety-one percent chance of winning Michigan.  Trump had just over nine percent, while Johnson had a two-tenths of a percent chance of winning the state.  Silver projected that Clinton would get about fifty percent of the vote in the state, Trump thirty-eight percent, and Johnson nearly eleven percent.
Click on the link at the headline for more, including a video from Wochit.  Unfortunately, it's not this one: Kasich Says He Is Beating Trump In Polls.

John Kasich dropped from the presidential race nearly two months ago, but his campaign is still arguing that he would be the best Republican candidate to take on Hillary Clinton -- not Donald Trump. The Ohio governor's top political adviser claimed Wednesday that polls show Kasich beating Clinton in swing states and Trump getting crushed. Kasich has not endorsed Trump and refuses to speak at the presumptive nominee's convention, even though it will take place in his home state.
Good luck trying to get the convention delegates to Dump Trump and nominate you, Governor.

Stay tuned for a Canada Day entry.

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