Thursday, July 21, 2016

Space and sustainability news for the fifth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

I closed Holidays for the fifth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News by telling my readers to "Stay tuned for three more entries in this series, space and environment news, comments and likes, and the fate of the top ten posts at the start of the blogging year."  Since it's Throwback Thursday, it's time for the "space and environment news" post, beginning with a hopeful story, President Obama's plan to save the bees from May 20, 2015.

This was the thirteenth most read entry of the past year, earning 603 page views by March 20, 2016.  I be a good environmentalist and recycle the relevant paragraph from Monthly meta for May 2015 to explain how it got most of its readers.
"President Obama's plan to save the bees" was the most read entry of the past month with 476 page views according to the default counter and 489 according to the raw counter.  It earned its page views from being shared in a comment to The Era of Impact at Greer's blog, then at the Coffee Party's main Facebook page, where it reached 37K people, had 966 post clicks, and earned 680 likes.  The post clicks resulted in more than 300 page views from FB alone.  The final push came from Infidel 753 including it as part of his Link round-up for 24 May 2015.
The day after I posted the entry, DNews uploaded the following video.

President Obama has issued a plan to save the bees. What exactly does he want to do, and why does he want to do this?
As I wrote in the original post, "I approve of this Crazy Eddie plan and wish it all the success possible.  Our food supply is depending on it."

That was the top non-climate environment news last year.  Follow over the jump for the top space story.

The nineteenth most read entry of last year was Briny water flows on the surface of Mars from September 29, 2015.  It ended the blogging year with 479 page views according to the raw counter.  Oddly enough, this entry never made any single month's top ten, so I have no record of how it got its page views.  The entry didn't crack the top ten for September, so it earned less than 148 page views that month.  It didn't show up in October's top ten, either, so it had less than 140 page views that month.  I know I didn't share it at either Greer's or Kunstler's blogs and didn't see Infidel 753 linking to it.  Consequently, I'll say mystery to me and attribute its popularity to web search.

With this entry, I've covered all of last year's twenty most read posts.  Coming up, the most liked and commented on entries from last year and the fate of the all-time top ten as of March 21, 2015.

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