Friday, August 24, 2018

How do hurricanes form? Student Sustainability Video Festival 77

When I'm either grading papers or traveling, I post episodes of the irregular series Student Sustainability Video Festival.  From now through Sunday, I'm doing both, so it's time to resume where I left off with Seeker/DNews and Vox on food waste: Student Sustainability Video Festival 76.

Today's featured video is How Do Hurricanes Form? | Seasonal Science | UNC-TV.

Ever wonder why hurricanes only happen during certain months? Wonder no more!
Not only is it hurricane season, today is the 26th anniversary of the Florida landfall of Hurricane Andrew, so this video is doubly appropriate.  As I wrote last year, this storm continues to have lasting effects, not least of which are Burmese pythons invading the Florida Everglades.

Stay tuned for episode 78 tomorrow, which will be about Hurricane Harvey.

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