Saturday, January 11, 2020

Meyers and Colbert take closer looks at war powers vote and Iran briefing

In the continuing saga of the conflict with Iran, the season 4 opener of "The Worst Wing," the Trump Administration briefed Congress on the rationale behind the drone strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani while the House of Representatives voted to restrict Trump's war powers.  Seth Meyers ostensibly examined the former while actually concentrating on the latter in Congress Votes to Limit Trump's War Powers After Iran Lies: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at the House voting to rein in President Trump’s war powers as it becomes increasingly clear his administration lied to justify an unconstitutional act of war.
Stephen Colbert also used Seth's joke about "she goes to another high school in Canada" in White House Officials "Shushed" Lawmakers Who Asked Questions During Iran Briefing, which was entirely about the briefing and lawmakers' reactions to it. 

Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican, expressed his extreme discomfort with the way President Trump's team treated Congresspeople in a briefing about the administration's Iran strategy.
While asking for better lies more skillfully delivered is far from ideal, it would be a step up.  The "worst Throwback Thursday ever" makes me miss the Bush Administration, who at least tried.

Both Seth and Stephen showed that a lot of Representatives and Senators were not favorably impressed with the briefing.  Unfortunately, the public couldn't see it, so The Late Show opened with a skit, Exclusive Footage Of Team Trump's Iran Intel Briefing, to give their take on what could possibly be that bad.

The fallout from Team Trump's disastrous Iran intel briefing with Congress is worse than we initially thought.
LOL, "The Crown," nominated for two WGA Awards — while I appreciate the reference, I'm sure that wasn't what made the briefing so bad; I think "The Crown" is a little too highbrow for "The Worst Wing."

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