Thursday, January 16, 2020

Samantha Bee takes her turn laughing at the January Democratic debate

While I was writing Colbert, Noah, and FiveThirtyEight react live to last night's Democratic debate, I wondered what Samantha Bee would say about it.  As I observed in Colbert, Noah, Meyers, and Bee take on the State of the Union Address, she "had an extra day to prepare and [would] made fun of different things."  I got my wish.  Watch Democratic Debate: Drama In Iowa | Full Frontal on TBS.

Debate season is in full swing. Last night, the CNN panel grilled the candidates about their positions on Medicare, climate change, and for some reason, nothing about women’s reproductive rights-- but the biggest question of the night was: Why won’t Tom Steyer stop looking at us?
Bee did make fun of different things, including a snipe at Michael Bloomberg and pointing out how Tom Steyer could use his money more effectively to fight the effects of climate change.*  Of course, she couldn't resist the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren conflict, but she made more fun of the media than she did of the candidates, unlike Colbert and Noah.  That's why I value her comedic perspective.

I'm sure Saturday Night Live will mock the debate as well, just as they did in November and December.  If they do, I will share those clips as well.  Stay tuned.

*I watched a Vox video about how the Australian fires are decimating koalas.  I plan on sharing that later this week.

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