Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Colbert and Noah react live to the South Carolina Democratic debate

I did not post a recap about the Democratic debate before the Nevada caucuses because both Stephen Colbert and SNL were off last week.  Darn.  That debate could have used being laughed at.

Both Colbert and SNL are back this week and so are my posts featuring comedy takes on the debates.  I begin with Stephen Colbert's LIVE Post-Debate Monologue: Fury Road To The White House 2020.

Following the raucous Democratic presidential debate in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina, Stephen Colbert took the stage to discuss the night's winners, losers and most surreal moments.
While Colbert only alluded to the Nevada debate and especially Mike Bloomberg's poor showing in it, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah took it head on in February 2020 Democratic Debate in South Carolina.

Trevor went LIVE after the 10th Democratic Debate in South Carolina.
And I thought last week's debate was wild!  At least it was well-moderated.  This one could have used a stronger hand from the moderators.

I'm pretty sure that SNL will have a sketch about the debate on Saturday.  If so, expect me to post it on Sunday, the first of March.  Also, I might share Samantha Bee's reaction tomorrow after her show tonight.  She always has the most original insights on current events.  Either way, stay tuned.

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