Friday, February 7, 2020

Joe Walsh walks away from the Republican primary and says he'll support the Democratic nominee

The Hungry for Power Games have claimed another tribute.  Watch Joe Walsh make his announcement on CNN in GOP challenger to Trump ends bid for presidency.

Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh announced he is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, telling CNN's John Berman that President Trump is a "dictator" and saying he plans to speak with other Republicans to get them to support the Democratic presidential candidate.
Unlike Mark Sanford, who probably will vote for Trump in November, Walsh will support the Democratic candidate, whoever he or she is.  I take that as a sign of his seriousness in getting Trump out of the White House.  I appreciate that, although it will likely make him person non grata among Republicans for the foreseeable future.  Now it's up to William Weld to serve as the internal opposition to Trump within the Republican Party.  I wish Weld luck, but I don't know if he'll even get enough delegates to earn a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention — this is, if the party bothers to follow their own rules.  I'm not optimistic about that, either.

Now it's time for me to be a good environmentalist and recycle: "While I never got around to suggesting any drink recipes or making memes showing his ideological position, I'll make do with what I already had on hand.  Follow over the jump."

I begin with a drink suggestion from one of my go-to sources, Spoon University, which listed Jameson Ginger and Lime as the unofficial cocktail for Illinois, Walsh's home state.

Between the Illinois Irish, the Notre Dame Irish and turning the Chicago River green on St. Patty’s Day, it’s no surprise that Illinois is in love with all things Irish. Why should their signature cocktail be any different? Jameson Irish Whiskey couldn’t represent this state better.

The Jameson Ginger and Lime is the most refreshing mix of a trendy cool beer (cause we all know that Chi Town is the trendiest) and the state’s most consumed alcohol.
Buzzfeed has a different suggestion, Bloody Mary with Chicago Absolut.

Bloody Mary with Chicago Absolut (olive and rosemary infused vodka). Served with a Leinie's summer shandy chaser. Ahhhh, I love the midwest.
I don't know which one Walsh would prefer.  For all I know, he doesn't drink.

I conclude with Walsh's ideological positions.  First, Voteview records his ideological score (first dimension of DW-Nominate) as 0.708, which was more conservative than 94% of Republicans in the 112th House (2011-2013).  He would still be more conservative than 91% of Republicans in the current House with that score.  Nothing liberal about Walsh!  Second, On The Issues rates him as having an economic score of 88 and a social score of 48, a Libertarian Conservative.  Like Sanford, I recall his having been more conservative socially when he began running.  It's not just the Democrats who move to the left as they campaign against Trump!

That's it for this installment of the Hungry For Power Games/Survivor: Campaign Trail.  I'll see if I'm up to recapping the conclusion of the current episode of "The Worst Wing."  If not, on to the Oscars.  Either way, stay tuned.


  1. Now it's up to William Weld to serve as the internal opposition to Trump within the Republican Party.

    A role epitomizing the concept of "pearls before swine". Just like Romney he'll be censured, shunned, barraged with childish insults, and generally pelted with poo. So will Walsh, for that matter. Among Republicans there is no respect for a sense of honor and principle, nor for the semblance thereof. Certainly not for the guts it takes to stand up to the orange toddler tyrant.

    1. Weld would have been better off running as a Libertarian again, although that would not be better for the country. I suspect he'd draw off some Democratic voters, too. His problem is that most of the Republicans from four years ago who don't like Trump have already left the party. Most of what's left won't vote for him.

  2. I guess it beats getting a real (productive) job.

    1. I consider helping a Democrat defeat Trump productive. Once that's over, he'll need another one. I bet he gets a contributing position at MSNBC.