Thursday, February 27, 2020

Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert look at official responses to the coronavirus outbreak

When I wrote "On another note, I've been ignoring the coronavirus outbreak on this blog, so I'm glad Dingell mentioned it.  I'll have to make up for that omission later this week" as an aside in Politics, pastries, and Polish culture from Michigan for Paczki Day, I was expecting to post a serious science video.  Then President Trump and Vice President Pence held a press conference about the response to the outbreak yesterday, which meant that the late night comedians were all over it.  As a result, I begin my coverage of the potential pandemic using two clips from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.   The first one asks Coronavirus: Is This How We Die?

Trump appoints Pence the coronavirus czar as the virus spreads from China to Japan, Iran, the Philippines, and Italy.
Comedy aside, that's a good summary of the state of the outbreak so far.  As for the answer to the question, probably not, which means, as much as I hate to type it, Trump is right.  Just the same, that's not reassuring.

In addition, The Daily Show created a parody of the short informational videos I post here from time to time, Trump Has the Coronavirus Under Control.

Don't worry everyone, Trump has the "Caronavirus" under control.
"Caronavirus" — LOL, that's right up there with cofeve and Global Waming.

Stephen Colbert opened his show last night with one of his cold open skits, Coronavirus Fears Are Reshaping Global Facial Hair Trends.

The president of the American Association of Evil Villains is here with an important message about facial hair in the age of the Coronavirus.
That is a real chart.  Since I have a beard, that means I have facial hair that is incompatible with a mask.  The beard still stays.

I'll try to post something more serious about the outbreak the next time I write about it here.  Stay tuned.

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