Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Trevor Noah on First Ladies for Women's History Month

I concluded NASA and '60 Minutes' on women in NASA for International Women's Day by telling my readers "I plan on posting another entry celebrating Women's History Month tomorrow from Trevor Noah and 'The Daily Show.'" Watch First Ladies - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know.

What does the first lady actually do? They champion social causes, assist with policy decisions and much more. Here’s how the role has evolved from Martha Washington to Dr. Jill Biden...

In honor of Women’s History Month, support more women running for public office by visiting https://www.dailyshow.com/SheShouldRun
Amid all the jokes, Trevor was able to impart some history I didn't know. While I'm not surprised that Dolly Madison was the first presidential spouse to be called "First Lady," I didn't know it was at her funeral. I also didn't know the other titles the wives of presidents had before they became First Lady, although I think "Republican Queen" is a contradiction in terms and "Lady Presidentress" is pretentious. First Lady is an improvement. Still, it's a good day when I learn something new, even from comedy. To paraphrase what I wrote two years ago, I learned more from ten minutes of reporting laced with comedy than I would have from ten minutes of straight reporting. I hope my readers do, too.

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