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Broken Peach celebrating Halloween updates holidays for the tenth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News for Flashback Friday

The footnote to CDC offering zombie apocalypse tips updates 'Zombie Apocalypse Index for Day of the (Walking) Dead,' the top post of the tenth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News for Throwback Thursday told my readers what to expect today.
Broken Peach: Singing Spanish goths and witches for Halloween, which shared the spotlight with Zombie Apocalypse Index for Day of the (Walking) Dead in last year's Broken Peach sings to update holidays from the back catalog for the ninth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News, gets its own post next. Stay tuned.
Yes, Broken Peach: Singing Spanish goths and witches for Halloween earned the second most raw page views last year of any post I have ever written for this blog with ~3,330. It rated lower according to default page views, earning ~1,660 during the tenth year of this blog to rank eighth by this measure. The entry also broke into the all-time top 20 according to raw page views with ~7,720 to rank 12th that way, but didn't rate according to the default page views. Maybe next year.

I am going into more detail about how the post climbed up the rankings over the jump, but I celebrating the occassion first by embedding two of Broken Peach's Halloween videos. The first is a live reprise of the second video in the original post, Broken Peach - I Put A Spell On You (TV Peachformance).

We hope you enjoy it and... Share! :)

I did enjoy the performance, so I shared it.

The second appears to be a combination of behind-the-scenes and TV performance footage, Broken Peach - Halloween Special Live (October 31, 2020).

The Halloween EP is out now!

It looks like there's another series of Halloween TV Peachformances waiting to be posted. If they are by this Halloween, I'll post them. If not, I'll be recycling the above videos along with some of their other new videos of their old songs to share along with whatever the band's Halloween special is this year. As I'm fond of writing, I'm a good environmentalist so I conserve my resources.

Follow over the jump for details of how this post and other holiday entries earned their page views.

It's no surprise that search related to Halloween drives traffic to this post. The above graph shows this with page views beginning to increase during August, peaking in October, and declining to background through November, December, and January. I assisted this by tweeting out the link during September and October on Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays. One tweet in particular had a lot of traction during this time. During September 2020, it ranked third in impressions with 567 and tied for second in engagements with 12, including six link clicks, the most link clicks for the month, two detail expands, one reply in one thread, one retweet by Broken Peach itself — thanks from one of your fans! — one like, and one hashtag click. This tweet continued to attract impressions and engagements during October 2020, as it had the most Twitter impressions of any tweet of mine that month with 1801 for a total of 2189 impressions over two months and most engagements with 13 for a total of 25 engagements. The 13 engagements during October included five detail expands for a total of seven, the most detail expands during October, seven link clicks for a total of thirteen, the most during October and one profile visit. Another September tweet had five engagements, four detail expands and one reply, on 55 impressions.

The monthly top twenty lists reflect these trends with the post breaking into the top twenty last September with 302 default and 358 raw page views to rank twelfth for the month. The entry continued to rise during October 2020 to rank third with ~1,570 and 1634 raw page views. That was the best month ever for this entry, as the figure below shows. It fell to 13th place with 384 default and 395 raw page views during November 2020. It managed to hang on in the top twenty during December with 201 raw page views to rank 19th according to that measure.

The all time statistics show the seasonal pattern of page views rising before Halloween and falling afterwards has held true throughout the four-year history of this entry. However, the past year had the highest peak and most page views of the four. That's why the entry was probably the most popular holiday post during the eighth year of the blog but didn't crack the default top twenty, earned 1,371 raw page views to rank eighth overall during the ninth year of my writing this blog, then came in second in raw page views during the tenth year. Since Broken Peach: Singing Spanish goths and witches for Halloween is still the highest ranking Google result for "Broken Peach" other than the band's own website and social media accounts, it's likely that search results will continue to bring readers to this entry.

The other purely musical holiday post I'm examining today is Drink to Santa Clara Vanguard playing 'The Phantom of the Opera' for a drum corps Halloween from October 26, 2020. It earned 800 default and 943 raw page views to rank 24th among all entries I posted during the tenth year and 26th among all posts during the tenth year regardless of when I wrote them. While I wrote it on the 26th of October, I shared it to the drum corps groups on Facebook and MeWe just after 7:00 P.M. on Halloween, when the page views would count for November, hence the second, larger peak above. As a result, it earned 102 default and 111 raw page views during October 2020, so it did not make that month's top twenty, but 770 default and 806 raw page views to rank fifth for the month. Since then, it lost default page views to fall from 872 to 800, but gained raw page views to rise from 917 to 943. That's a common pattern and one of the reasons I learned to pay more attention to raw page views after a few years of blogging.

Four other entries examined holidays as a secondary subject during the blogging year just ended. The most read was 'Saturday Night Live' opens with a vaccine announcement and makes fun of election lawsuits and Space Force in a coronavirus holiday episode from December 13, 2020. It earned ~1,320 default and 1402 raw page views to rank 13th overall for the year according to both measures and eleventh among entries posted during the last blogging year. It was the fourth most read entry during December 2020 according to default page views, third according to raw page views, and sixth actually posted during the last month of 2020. It earned its page views by being shared at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and political groups on Facebook and MeWe. I'll mention it again, like I will the next one, in a retrospective with a different theme.

18 (19/17). 'SNL' covers impeachment and celebrates Valentines Day posted February 14, 2021 had a stronger tie-in to a specific holiday instead of the year-end holiday season in general. It earned ~1,200 default and 1247 raw page views to rank 18th according to the first measure and 19th according to the second, 17th if just entries posted during 2020-2021 are considered. It was also the number one post during February 2021. The entry also earned its page views by being shared at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and political groups on Facebook and MeWe. I plan on being a good environmentalist and recycling it for a retrospective about impeachment and the events that led up to it.

The final two entries merited mentions because of comments, not page views. Space Force gets a flag for Armed Forces Day posted May 16, 2020 tied for most comments on an entry posted during the tenth year, most comments on an entry posted during May 2020, and third overall with 10 comments. While it placed third overall during May 2020 and second among entries posted during May 2020 with 776 default and 786 raw page views, its year-ending 871 raw page views did not place it in the top 25 for the year.

Susan Rice calls for D.C. statehood on MSNBC and N.Y. Times, a late Flag Day post from June 15, 2020 earned 8 comments to tie for second most comments on an entry posted during June 2020 and the tenth year as a whole, but fourth overall. Even so, the post didn't break into the top twenty for page views during June 2020.

That's a wrap on holidays for my tenth year of writing this blog. The next Throwback Thursday will be on April Fools Day, so the next retrospective may be something appropriately prankish or comical. I have six days to figure it out. Until then, stay tuned for Earth Hour.

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