Thursday, June 13, 2013

Duggan appeals to get back on ballot

Last night, I wrote Duggan removed from ballot--for now.   He may not be off the ballot for long.  As WXYZ reports, Duggan to appeal decision.

Mike Duggan says he will appeal a judge's decision that removed him from the Detroit Mayoral Primary ballot.
That didn't take long at all.

The next clip not only features an Interview with Mike Duggan, but also a sound bite from Tom Barrow, who filed the suit.

Mike Duggan talks with 7 Action News about his next move after being removed from the Detroit Mayoral Prmary ballot.
This election continues to live up to my expectation of being great entertainment.  Barrow's response in particular is a hoot, especially the Star Trek reference.

Here's to this contest continuing to be worthy of pulling up a chair and eating popcorn.

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