Monday, June 3, 2013

Two videos for my biodiversity class

Here are two videos from Discovery News that I included in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Asteroid Fly-by) on Daily Kos that just happen to cover topics I either just covered or am about to cover in my biodiversity class.  Talk about convenient!

The first video is How Did Life Begin?  I covered the origin of life just last Monday, and got a question that this video would have been very useful in answering.

Scientists have long pondered how exactly life began here on Earth. Now, new research sheds light on Earth's creation, and the findings are not what you'd expect!
I'll show this as part of the second item on the agenda today.  The first will be re-explaining Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.  I won't bore my readers with that today.

The third item on the agenda today, will be viruses, and Discovery News had a very timely one with New SARS-Like Virus Declared a Global Threat, which updates one of the emerging viral diseases I discussed in Pandemics and collapse.

The World Health Organization has declared a new strain of coronavirus a global threat after it claimed one more life this week. What is this new virus, how has it spread, and what can we do about it? Anthony investigates.
I plan on including the link to this video in the slideshow I'll be putting together today.

That's not all for videos I've used in this blog becoming part of my teaching.  The next PowerPoint presentation will be on protists, and will include A video on slime molds.  There's nothing like blogging as professional development. :-)

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