Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Severe weather and possible derecho in the Midwest today

The Weather Channel posted two videos warning of severe thunderstorms along with scattered tornadoes and even a derecho developing this afternoon and evening.  Here's the first: Possible Storms & Tornadoes Wednesday.

Matt Sampson talks with John Erdman about the upcoming severe weather threat.
The other video was even more specific, saying that the thunderstorms could develop into a derecho: Derecho Thunderstorms for Millions.

Digital meteorologist Nick Wiltgen talks to's Matt Sampson about the concerns people may have over derechoes this week.
The prospect of more comfortable weather in case of blackouts is small comfort.  Still, that would be an improvement over last year's derecho.

So, how are these predictions playing out locally?  While WXYZ hasn't posted any weather forecast videos to their YouTube page, both WNWO-TV and WOOD-TV have.  Both show the area where the thunderstorms will appear and where tornadoes and the possible derecho could develop, which happens to be mostly to the south of metro Detroit.

First, here's WNWO-TV with Strong storms, heavy rain possible Wednesday into early Thursday.

Next, WOOD-TV contributes as part of their regular 11:00 P.M. weather segment.

This promises to be an eventful day of weather to the south of here.  As I'm found of writing, stay tuned.


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