Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Duggan removed from ballot--for now

In Fireworks at first Detroit mayoral debate, I told people to break out the popcorn, as the campaign for Detroit Mayor promised to be very entertaining.  So far, it's definitely living up to that promise, as WXYZ reports Mike Duggan removed from ballot for Detroit mayoral race.

Chuck Stokes correctly notes that Duggan and Napoleon were the leaders in the polling for the primary, which means that the removal of Duggan would greatly favor Napoleon.  Tom Barrow must figure that he'd be the beneficiary of the anti-Napoleon vote, but I'm not sure.  If Duggan can't get back on the ballot, then I think Napoleon, who is an experienced politician, would be favored.  That might actually make this election less fun to watch.  Then again, this could still be a wild contest even without Duggan.  Stay tuned.

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